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Hearing Star launches industry first


Key to finding the right solution for a hearing problem is education

Anyone, whether they are experienced or new to hearing aids can learn something from talking to others, especially when it comes to understanding newer technology. Making a decision based on reliable information can be assisted by communicating through our national network of Star Volunteers.

Star Volunteers have a wealth of experience and knowledge to provide a rewarding product insight with perspective from the wearer’s point of view. Volunteers have been recruited across England & Wales and are there for any member needing that personal communication to answer their questions.

So imagine you’ve got a question on the latest wireless hearing technology, television media players linked to hearing aids or simply how comfortable a particular style of aid is? Call us and we’ll put you in direct contact with a Star Volunteer (fellow member) who is using that system. They’ll talk things through informally and help you gain that individual user perspective.




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