Star Benevolent Fund

The company's private benevolent fund pushes donations past £70k


  Hearing Star, has donated over £70k to a wide variety of registered charities.

 Together with organisations that share the company's values and vision of "a more benevolent society supported by business", this small company has grown steadily over the past decade. The company's modest gains are the result of a traditional management style and low profit business plan.

  The company's Founder and Chief Audiologists, Kevin Howlett said "we are delighted with the popularity of our developing members' service. It is our business to deliver a value for money, first class experience, nothing less. Charitable funding is a wonderful by-product and another positive feature, further demonstrating our support for the welfare of members and the benevolence of our business model."


Please note that Hearing Star's services are not available to the public and all enquirers are verified.

Hearing Star TM is a private limited company registered in England and Wales. No 7114642

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