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A First Class Economy


Hearing Star is to fund the first state of-the-art Audiology and ENT clinic for members of organisations working in charitable partnership.

The development of first class luxury services offered by the charitable company will go beyond expectations and represent the best of what is currently possible for the hearing impaired and those suffering from conditions of the ear, nose and throat. Members will still benefit from prices over £400 less than the top of the range product offered by the high street's economy brand of Specsavers. With a choice of Hear Life Treatment Centres or our fantastic domiciliary service, Hearing Star really does offer a unique "First Class Economy".

Hear Life Treatment Centre locations will comprise of a full ear, nose and throat (ENT) facility with an audiology partnership, providing an emphasis on performance in hearing whether on duty or retired.

As well as fitting hearing instruments to treat age related hearing loss, the company will also specialise in fitting technology that may be worn by those in a variety of hazardous theatres in the fulfilment of their duties.

Each location will receive an impressive £90k equipment fund, to meet the company's self-styled first class vision of the service standards that members of partner organisations will experience. Fitted with the latest high end, fully digital ENT units at a cost of £70k+ each, Hear Life Treatment Centres will enable the very best in safe, efficient care in a hygienic, luxurious first class environment.

Founder, Kevin Howlett said, “As a charitable company exclusively serving members, we have the opportunity and strength to reinvest in our services. Our commitment to this investment is only possible because of our founding ethos, to act in members’ best interests.

"Devoid of sales people, commissions, 50% off or two for the price of one sales offers, we are fundamentally different. I founded Hearing Star as a charitable company so we do not donate purely to raise profile or profit. Hearing Star is all about family and all that that entails.

"We open site one in July 2015 and look forward to providing a very warm welcome to the members of organisations working in charitable partnership with Hearing Star.”



Hearing Star TM is a private limited company registered in England and Wales. No 7114642

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