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Exclusive Audiology & ENT Services For Members


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  The Treatment Centre has first class furnishings with the latest fully specified high-end treatment unit. Including LED microscope, two large HD imaging screens, plus a full range of diagnostic Audiology and Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) apparatus.

  The Treatment Centre is equipped to offer members the very best in treatment for acute and chronic hearing problems. With the addition of ENT services commencing in 2017, the Treatment Centre will be a destination for members seeking an exclusive centre of excellence, without high-end costs.

  It's important that our Treatment Centres are not confused with high street hearing aid sales outlets. The services offered are quite different and, for those considering an Audiologist position with us, they will require at least two years of additional professional development to meet and maintain our standards of practice. Working with us gives employees the opportunity to become the very best they can be in their professional career.



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